2 Hot-t-t Lyrix!!!

(I wanna) Fall[inÕ] in the water trough (with Ted) Chorus: I wanna fall (fallinÕ) in the water trough with Ted T-Ted Ted Ted T-T-Ted I wanna fall (fallinÕ) in the water trough with Ted T-Ted Ted Ted T-T-Ted Verse 1: HeÕs so hot-t-t why is his heart only out for Brad (Brad = Bad) he wears a cool cowboy hat and he made senior staff (aww yeah) Chorus

Verse 2: HeÕs so much cooler than that nerd Shermie Even tho his middle nameÕs Alouiscious heÕs still a major hottie Chorus Bridge: ItÕs happened to everyone else Like Bradley and Melody ItÕs even happened to Buddy why canÕt it happen to me Chorus

P.K.C. IV- the Balladf ofMarco( = Punk Rock): Òwhy wonÕt he send his love my way?Ó Hey look at that punk, the one over there On the pavillion smoking, The one with the mohawk No, not the Wolf Punk...No, not the one with the rainbow hawk either The one with the really good mohawk yeah, thatÕs him He looks deep He looks kind of troubled He looks intellectual HeÕs hot I think heÕs the punk for me Marco Marco = Punk Rock. He also = hot-t-t why canÕt marco send his love my way when will he see the light (light of day) He and me were meant 2 be HeÕs so hot and heÕs so deep He explains things to me like how Marilyn Manson is the anti-christ and talks about complicated things Like the apocalypse and other stuff that i wouldnÕt get but he understands... me Marco Marco = punk rock he also = hot-t-t the one thing he doesnÕt understand is how much I need him!

Mike! Chorus: Mike! Mike! Mike! Verse 1: Once upon a time you were the hottest of the hot But now you havenÕt got what it takes to be on every cover of Bop Chorus Verse 2: YouÕre still hot-t-t on TV, Just not on the dubba dubba WB I still catch you on late night and morning TV (n U look hot) Chorus Bridge: He fought the good fight, For the good cause for all of us He said: ÒDad, IÕm 15, IÕm old enough to go on dates with girls at night!Ó Verse 3: So letÕs give some respect to a classic hottie (classic!) The one who was loved by everybody (everybody!) a pinup for years and now there are tears cuz we all miss him a lot (tears on my pin up) Chorus

Steve, Brandon, Dylan chorus: Steve, Brandon, Dylan what choice could be more thrilling Steve, Brandon, Dylan what choice could be more chilling verse1: when you want some wacky hottness your thoughts may turn to Steve If you want a month long party Steve is what you need But sometimes you think you need something with a little more substance... But then it turns to substance abuse (put down that bottle Dylan!) Chorus verse 2: But with that dysfunction comes something deep HeÕs troubled, but his sensitivityÕs something you want to keep But itÕs hard to hold onto a boy like Dyl Maybe you want a hottie whoÕs more stable still (who could that be? Brando!) chorus verse 3: He provides hottness but stability Total idealism, but still the desire to party But the boyscout image has itÕs limits too It might be too wholesome and predictable for you Maybe you need Steve, Maybe heÕs the one ThereÕs more to him than just having fun (it hurts when people make fun of The Hartley House! And he was adopted!) chorus bridge: letÕs not forget David, LetÕs just say HeÕs not a scrawny geek anymore, heÕs come a long way From ÒyouÕre so precious to meÓ to ÒKeep it TogetherÓ chorus

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