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6/3 The Spring edition of The Blaze: The official Newsletter of RMIF contains statements from almost all Roommates members about the "hiatus", available to RMIF members, to become an RMIF member send $10 to PTB...Liz and Jess will appear in the upcoming motion picture Beaver Fever and there will be two new exclusive Roommates songs on the soundtrack...RM alum Cassie Z. has written part of the Beaver Fever score...Mr. Ernst has returned to his "ask Mr. Ernst" duties, so send your questions in and they might be selected for his column...stay tuned for updates

3/17 This just in: The Roommates have declared themselves officially "on hiatus". I called Liz immediately for confirmation and she told me "Yes, it's true" When I asked what exactly this means for the planned tour, the not yet complete lp, and the future of the band, she said "no comment". I paged Jess, who graciously responded immediately with a phone call from sunny CA where she's "taking some time to be by myself...well, not really know. " Yes we do! When I asked her about the status of the band and their various projects she said "It's all so hectic...we love our fans" and excused herself to attend a rock concert" VIP, you know how it is. can't be late!" When asked if Johnny Buck would be attending this concert as well she laughed and said mysteriously"I seriously doubt it" I really need to get another hour in on my tan now before I have to get ready. We'll chat later!" and hung up the phone, but in that charming Jessica way. We will keep you posted on this breaking story.

3/16 The Roommates are currently in the studio recording a follow up to "Born in the US of HAY, title TBW. It is rumored to be yet another concept album, sure to be a chart topper after the success of Distant and Muntz! Stay tuned for all that. A tour is planned for late spring of the United States and probably a few dates in Austrailia again. We'll keep you posted, of course. It is confirmed that the Roommates we'll be contributing at least one song to the soon to be released teen slasher flick "Beaver Fever", so be sure to look out for that! All other plans are under wraps and top secret.

1/1/98 Happy New Year! The roommates are starting ‘98 off with a bang, what with the release of their first ever cassingle, “Hey DJ”, on Pass the Buck Records! Jess, Liz, and co are still recovering from their now-legendary whirlwind world tour (if ya missed it, you missed out) and have no plans to tour again as of yet. Even if you can’t see them live, you Can experience the next best thing - listening to new songs! Yes, that’s right, in addition to the “hey DJ” cassingle, rumor has it that a split cassingle with The Roommates and the excellent Phlegm and the Sonograms will be released by Pass the Buck in conjunction with Mindkill records sometime in ‘98! And, if that’s not enough, a 4-way split lp with the Roommates, Phlegm and the Sonograms, The Pill (formerly known as the Ghosty Grams), and the Bubblegum Conspiracy will be making it’s way into stores this year as well, so be on the lookout for that! Also, if you’re not yet a member of RMIF - the OFFICIAL roommates fan club, what are you waiting for? On a sadder note, most of you know of the untimely passing of Aunt Beru, but not everyone knows that a stirring tribute is being planned to commerate her life and contributions to great music in the form of her wonderful work with the Roommates. Keep your eyes open for that. Dana has re-joined the roommates as their new, full-time keyboardist . You may remember her sudden, but ammicable, post-Slickfactor departure (her commitment to certain other bands was suffering due to the ever-increasing popularity of the Roommates and the demands on her as a memeber). Everyone’s thrilled to have her back and she says “Being in the Roommates is a blast! But, I’ll still miss Aunt Beru very much”. Many will be sad to hear that both Cassie and Buddy have departed after much soul-searching, but everyone MUST check out their new rockin’ combo - Cassie Z. and the Doggg police (Air Bud), as they are the coolest new band on the block! They opened for the Roommates on a couple dates of this last tour, and an excellent time was had by all! No permenant replacements have been announced. R.M.I.F.-the fresh new club for Roommates devotees is startin' up and goin' strong, thanks to you guys and awesome fans everywhere and is THE source for fast-breaking RM news and info in general. As for gossip, yes, Liz and Todd are back together! Everyone knows it’s meant to be, look for a guest apperence by Todd on a certain upcoming release! There is also a chance that the Roommates will appear on the soundtrack to the motion Picture “Beaver Fever”, though this is unconfirmed...all false rumors aside, Jess is NOT dating ted OR Mr. Ernst!!! Yes, Mr.E was recently divorced but an affair with Jess was not to blame! The two are “just friends” and have never been any more than that. In fact, Mr. E says he’s “dropping out of the dating scene for a little while to think things over”. As for Ted and Jess, both are single and available! that’s all 4 now, have a great ‘98!!!!

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