The Complete Roommates Discography

“What’s that Sound?” ep (PhatFish) 1995

“The Roommates” ep (Firestorm) 1995

“Slickfactor” ep (Pass the Buck) 1996

“I Like the Lizards” ep ( Pass the Buck) 1997

“Distant” ep (Pass the Buck) 1997

“Good Job, Agent Muntz” lp (Pass the Buck) 1997

“Born in the U.S. of HAY” lp (Pass the Buck) 1997

“Hey DJ” cassingle (Pass the Buck) 1998 forthcoming

The Roommates also have tracks on the following compilations:

* “All the hits” (PhatFish) 1995 Song: “Like a Train”

*”Rock the Block” (Firestorm)1995 Song: “When you walk up to a friend”

*”Today’s Special” (Pass the Buck) 1996 Songs: "Say Hello To Yr Friends (I can wear an electric blue mini if I wanna megamix)" and "Cameron needs a dumb girlfriend (cuz he doesn't know how to talk)"

*”24-hour Drive thru” (Heroes for Today) 1997. Song: “I’m in the Factsheet 10!”

*“My Mind is Killing Me” (Mindkill) 1997 Song: “P.K.C. Dos: Tha Aftermath (Tha Sequal with no equal)"

*”It Came From the ‘80s” (Kitty Cat Heart Attack) 1997 Song: “Foolish Beat”

Look for upcoming compilations featuring the Roommates on Heroes for Today, Kitty Kat Heart Attack, Firestorm, and other Quality record labels!