FAX   'n   PIX!!!(pix   comin'   soon)

So, who’s in the Roommates?

Name: Jessica, AKA “Jess”
Age: 16
Eye Color:blue-green
Hair Color:blonde
Position in the Roommates:lead singer
Fave Roommates Song:Fallin'(that's what I call it)
Fave Roommates Album:Muntz
Fave Band:HANSON
Fave Movie:the 90210 movie, and the 90210 movie(the graduation)
Fave Food:pizza!
Fave TV show:90210
Dream Show Setting:anywhere with HANSON!
Quote:"hold onto the ones who really care"-Tay Hanson(I'm SOOOO envious of Louisa!!!)

Name: Elizabeth, AKA “Liz”
Age: 16
Eye Color: blue-green
Hair Color: Blonde
Position in the Roommates: Lead vocalist and founding member!
Fave Roommates Song: All of them
Fave Roommates Album: All of them
Fave Band: Phlegm and the Sonograms, The Pill, Abracadaver, Cassie Z.’s solo work, Smash, Brian Green, U4ME, all PTB bands, 
Fave Movie: Cold Blooded and Normal Life
Fave TV Show: 90210
Fave Food: Pizza
Dream Show Setting: Club Sudz of course!
Quote: “Face down on the ground pick us up at the lost and found”

Name: Mr. Ernst
Age: older than Liz  and Jess
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Position in the Roommates:the sound effects man, also assorted percussion. Also played keyboards on “Distant”
Fave Roommates Song:"I Remember", "Piffle" 
Fave Roommates Album: US of Hay
Fave Band:The Roommates
Fave Movie:"The Defiant Ones"
Fave TV Show:Hey Dude
Fave Food:DOGS! Hot Dogs!(vegan though-we are all vegan)
Dream Show Setting:the barn 
Quote:"T-Bone, call me T-Bone"

Name: Dana
Age: 16
Eye Color:green
Hair Color:brown
Position in the Roommates: Official Keyboardist(when she was on hiatus, Aunt Beru(RIP) took her position)
Fave Roommates Song:ALF, and MIKE! 
Fave Roommates Album: 2 Hot-t-t 2 Handle
Fave Band: The Droids(my other endeavor)...of course the Roommates too!
Fave Movie:Licence To Drive
Fave TV Show:90210
Fave Food:Shakes(vegan ones)
Dream Show Setting:the Dairy Burger
Quote:"Keyboarding is my life!"

Name: Ted
Eye Color:brown
Hair Color:brown(used to be long in back, short in front)
Position in the Roommates: Lead Electric Guitar
Fave Roommates Song:"Fallin'"-what can I say?!, also "6 Flags over Ted"
Fave Roommates Album:HAy
Fave Band:Bon Jovi, and more Bon Jovi
Fave Movie:"The Paperboy", "Class of Nuke 'em High"
Fave TV Show:Salute Yr Shorts
Fave Food:Hamburgers(vegan, of course)
Dream Show Setting:in a pool
Quote:"into the water trough with you!"

Name: Danny
Eye Color:brown
Hair Color:black
Position in the Roommates: Snappin’!
Fave Roommates Song:Brad Can't Swim
Fave Roommates Album:Slickfactor
Fave Band:I Am A Viking-the people who sang it
Fave Movie:The Maltese Falcon
Fave TV Show:Bonanza
Fave Food:pizza
Dream Show Setting:The desert
Quote:"I am the answer boy-I know everything"

Eye Color:green
Hair Color:sandy brown
Position in the Roommates:Drummer
Fave Roommates Song:Good job, Agent Muntz
Fave Roommates Album:I Like The Lizards
Fave Band:ANYTHING HARD esp. Powerman 5000)
Fave Movie:A Clockwork Orange
Fave TV Show:The News
Fave Food:tofu
Dream Show Setting:in an aquarium
Quote:"I Like the Lizards"

Eye Color:
Hair Color:blonde
Position in the Roommates:I was the full-time acoustic guitarist until "Lizards", and made an unbilled apperence on "Hay" 
Fave Roommates Song:The Hottie song, SVH
Fave Roommates Album:Distant
Fave Band: Fine Young Canibals, Bon Jovi
Fave Movie: Pretty In Pink
Fave Food: Strawberries
Dream Show Setting: The Beach
Quote: "I LIKE being nice!"

Eye Color:brown
Hair Color:dirty blond
Position in the Roommates:back up singer
Fave Roommates Song:Piffle
Fave Roommates Album: The Roommates
Fave Band: Johnny Buck and the Prize Patrol
Fave Movie:Bingo
Fave TV Show:The New Lassie
Fave Food:mom's meatless meatloaf (mmm!)
Dream Show Setting:a mailtruck

Eye Color:brown
Hair Color:dirty blond
Position in the Roommates:back up singer, 2nd guitarist on "Distant"
Fave Roommates Song:Party in the Supermarket
Fave Roommates Album: I like the Lizards
Fave Band: Jesse and the Rippers
Fave Movie:SCAREcrows
Fave TV Shows:What would you do?
Fave Food:Pizza
Dream Show Setting:Club Sudz
Quote:"do you want somma this grape soda?"

Eye Color:Violet
Hair Color:auburn
Position in the Roommates:various things in the pre-"Lizards" days
Fave Roommates Album: Distant, Slickfactor and what's that sound
Fave Roommates Song: Who's got more Style?
Fave Band: Johnny Buck
Fave Movie:Psycho
Fave TV Shows:90210
Fave Food:caviar
Dream Show Setting:Paris
Quote:"let's go shopping!"

Eye Color:red
Hair Color:green
Position in the Roommates:Backing vox pre-"Lizards"
Fave Roommates Song:SVH
Fave Roommates Album: What's That Sound?
Fave Band: Droids
Fave Movie:Beaver Fever
Fave TV Shows:THe Price is Right
Fave Food:Fries
Dream Show Setting:TheDairy Burger
Quote:"Let's Study for the test tomorrow"