Lyrix to some of The Roommates Smash Hitz!

includes the lyrix to" Punx Killing Cops", "I'm in the Factsheet 10!", and "Boba Fett"
I Like The Lizards
includes the lyrix to "Ode to Muntz" and "it ain't tha BSC"
Includes the lyrix to "Stacy and the Bad Girls"
Born in the U.S. of HAY
Includes the Lyrix to "Party in the Supermarket", "The Kinko's Story", "The Name Change Song", "Brad Can't Swim", "P.K.C. #3", "Piffle", "I remember", and "ALF-One Fun Luvin' Alien"
2 Hot-t-t 2 Handle
includes lyrix to "Fallin'", "Steve, Brandon, Dylan", "PKC IV", "Mike!"

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