from the ep "Slickfactor" released by Pass the Buck records

"Boba Fett"

Why Does everybody think that Boba Fett's so cool?
Why does everybody think that Boba Fett's the Best?
He kicks ass
He'll work for anyone
He's got a rocket pack 

-repeat many many times-

"I'm in the Factsheet 10!"

I'm in the Factsheet 10 (of hell yeah) x4
verse 1
I've got my margins set
I'm the queen of cut and paste
I'm the Slickest copy scammer
That Kinkos ever faced
verse 2
My layouts just kick ass
my writing is sublime
I don't need no computer
my Smith Corona will do just fine

"Punx Killing Cops (Ithacore '94)"

 Punx Killing cops (Ithacore '94) x4
verse 1:
I'm sittin on the Pavillion + a big cop just walked by
I know that in a moments time my mohawk he will spy
verse 2:
I'm an Ithapunk
That's just who I am
I don't think I should be harrassed
just for being who I am
And maybe I don't get as much allowence as I deserve
and maybe it's embarrassing to have a carphone sometimes
[etc etc, break it down]

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