BORN    IN    THE    U.S.    of    HAY

From The LP "Born in the U.S. of HAY" released on Pass the Buck records

"Party in the Supermarket"
verse 1:
Aww Yeah (uh-huh)
I think I know what time it is (what time is it?)
I think I feel a PARTY comin' on
I'm gonna grab my girl and a couplea Coors
I'm gonna kick it with Hootie and all my friends cuz it's a...
verse 2
All the frat bros are gonna be there
All the Sexy Chicks too
And if you come to our party
You'll get some free brew
verse 3:
I can have a party where ever I want to have it
Even if that's at the supermarket
So you all can just deal with it
They say to have a party we need a permit
as if they have the power to or to not permit us to have a party
So anyway, we're gonna have..
So where's the party?
At the Supermarket!
Which aisle?
Aisle three!
Who's gonna be there?
And who's gonna stop it?
We'd like to dedicate this to the brave frat brothers 
Of Cornell University in Ithaca New York
Who dedicated part of theire end of school party in the street
that they had without a permit
to telling the cops that they thought
after their year of school
that they should be able to have a party without a permit
so for them, this is it:

"The Kinko's Story"
We were chillin at the Kinkos
Liz, Jess, and Hottie Ted
"Oh no look thataway" Ted Said
We all spot the Wacky Mack
Set for a big MACK ATTACK
But oh good we're saved, thru the door comes Mr.E
He all struts in carrying a case of SUNNY FUCKIN' D
Chuggin' the Sunny D ICB is a blastin'
We were gonna groove a little but the Wacky Mack's too nasty!
But Ted was like "fuck it, c'mon, take a chance"
Then in comes Jake so we watch him JakeDance
The Wacky Mack went behind the counter to attend to some bussiness
we said "whatcha doin'?"
He said "none of your business!"
So we said fuck you and made 100 color copies 
and when we paid we said we only made 2 copies
We are all dancin', just hangin' out
And we're like, this is fun, but what's tonight really about?
So Ted pretends to gag and we all laugh
He asks for some much unneeded help from the Wacky Mack
The Wacky Mack brags, pretends like he knows what he's doing
Little does he know our new scam'sa a brewin'
His attention is diverted and it's our opportunity
to head on over to the supplies vacinity
and load up our pockets with glue sticks and white out
The deed is done it's time for us to check out
Ted sees our secret signal, and he knows where it's at
He disses the Wacky Mack: 
"You ain't all that in a paper hat
just cuz you the motherfucking WACK E MACK!"
Adios, we are outtie
and that's the end of our Kinko's story

"The Name Change Song"

You can't just go and change their names
That's just really not cool
How can I be an avid fan
if you keep changin' the rules?
Nancy Martin, what's up with that?
You can't just have it in the first season Mother-Daughter fashion show
Then let it fall flat
for the record, it's Felice
Jesse Chochran, where'd that name go?
Why do you play these games?
Just cuz you're in the Rippers doesn't mean that you get another name
Ever since you stopped being an exterminator
And your Greek relatives came
Things just haven't been the same
For the record, it's Jesse Katsopalis
Arnold squared to Milton Arnold
Scott Scanlon to Scott Scott
I could kinda understand that
Cuz at least it made a good plot

"Brad Can't Swim"
Brad can't swim, no no etc
One day this guy came
he said he was gonna shut down the ranch
If not everyone could pass the swimming test
Brad certainly couldn't
cuz she can't swim
what were we gonna do?
Had to be a set up, had to be a set up
Ted pretended to drown
he wanted her to save him
But she thought she really had to
The guy was watching from the bushes with Mr. E
Brad Jumped in 
She jumped in
She saved him
She saved Ted
Even though it was a fix
She passed the test
Cuz the guy was watching
The Ranch stayed open
Thank god the ranch stayed open
Brad can't Swim
We're glad she did
Brad can't swim
Thank god she did!

verse 1:
Forever in the house, in the tree the Bear family has lived together so happily, untill...
One day some Pandas moved in next door and Papa said maybe we shouldn't live here anymore 
with a mornful glance out the window he simply said with a sigh...
piffle piffle piffle piffle piffle he said
piffle piffle piffle piffle piffle he said...
verse 2:
"we've always lived together so happily, our beautiful BEar family in this house in a tree, but now..."
"wait!" said Mama Bear, with an intense stare, "respect all kinds of bears, not just ones like us!"
Everyone understood, all of them, all at once.
Time for a visit to the Bucking duck's gone! Now There's just the Bucking Frog! And they all said with a sigh...

NPOTB-New Punk on the Block
NPOTB-New Punk on the Block
He looks kinda old school maybe he is cool
where did he come from and where did he go?
Maybe I'll see him tonight at the show with I Farm and 607
But this isn't Ithacore '97
No out-of-towners allowed to sit on the Pavillion I know all the Ithapunks, where's this guy been?
He's wearing a bondage bracelet and a Crass t-shirt, I feel threatened in my Marilyn Manson t-shirt
I feel threatened, I feel threatened, my punkness feels threatened
I looked at him, I think he saw me
He's not the kinda punk I'd wanna take home to mommy
where we'll have stovetop maybe he likes it but he can't chill on the commons, no
it's our block it's our block it's our block it's our block
if you don't like stovetop get off our block!
it's our block our block our block our block!
NPOTB-New Punk on the block
NPOTB New Punk On the Block
I don't think I like this, no not at all
I kinda wish this hottie punk would just go away

"I Remember"
I remember the good times at the ranch
When Lucy taught us lessons
When Jake taught us how to dance
I remember back at good old Bar None
We all stuck together when Cassie dissappeared and we pondered "the Diffiant Ones"

Verse 1:
"I am the Viking" was Danny's fave tune
Buddy froze shakin' Tawny Dawn's hand
Ted would be leavin' soon, we missed him a lot, thank god he came back soon
Cuz Kyle was not as good
Verse 2
The Vlecks came and fucked up the Baseball game
Nothin' was ever the same
Another sports memory was when Mr. E had to be the Masked Marauder
He kinda looked hot-t-t, he kinda did not-t-t, but at least he won
oh the mystery
oh the suspense
would Brad and Ted ever get it on?
Maybe when they were handcuffed together, but no

"Alf-One Fun Luvin' Alien"
Verse 1:
One thing I always know
Is just where I can go
For a party for a great time
Just go where I'll find...
ALF! He's one fun luvin' alien
ALF! The cat-eating alien
ALF! Secret from the neighbors alien
ALF! One fun luvin' alien
verse 2
He's from Melmac, where I've found
THey really know how to get down
Party party party till you drop
Party party party, the party never stops for...
he looks good in a Hawaiian shirt and some shades
If his spaceship got fixed he'd have it made
ALF knows how to ROCK 'N ROLL
ALF knows how to ROCK 'N ROLL
ALF knows how to LOSE CONTROL
chorus to fade out

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