Mr. Ernst, famous for his work at the Bar None Dude Ranch, and in the Roommates, is here to answer yr questions!

TODAY's QUESTION: Q-Dear Mr. Ernst, I was wondering if you had any tips as to how one should properly break in a new pair of boots. I got a fancy new pair and they are not comfortable! But I want that authentic look when I go riding. You're always stylin', what advice do you have for a riding novice like me? I have my first horseback riding lesson tomorrow so this is URGENT! Yours Truly, new boots + never rode

A-Dear New Boots, It is foolish to wear unsuitable, illfitting footwear just for show. Yes, the stiff leather (if you wear leather in fact) can and will be broken in through a process of careful, gradual wear and adjustment, IF you have the correct size and style, but isn't being yourself what's really important? Save that snazzy pair for a future special occasion and wear what's comfortable on your big day. Happy horse-in'!!!

Previous Questions:

Q-Dear Mr. Ernst, I have been wondering, how do you manage to keep business under control @ the Bar None, when yr away working on the Roommates. I know that senior staffman Ted McGriff is also in the Roommates, so I can't imagine how you do it. Yr AMAZING! sincerely, a devoted Roommates fan from Illinios

A-Dear Devoted, I know sometimes its hard to fathom, but the Bar None is so successful that it more or less runs itself. Beyond that-I cannot say. A Roommate has to have his secrets ya know. HA HA HA.

Q-Dear Mr. Ernst, So, REALLY... what's your 1st name? and how old are you, REALLY? (no lies, ____ Ernst!!) luv, gotta get the scoop :-)~

A-Dear Scoop, I only keep secrets that must be secrets to exist. My name is not one of those. My name is Ben. Short for Benjamin. Benjamin Ernst. As for my age-hohoho. A Roommates secret is always a secret. Thanks for yr letter tho!!!

Q-Dear Ben Ernst, hey, Mr. Ernst!! How are you? I am the BIGGEST fan of yours! Okay, so my question is: how come yer so hott-t-t? I HEART U!! Love 4-eva, "I think you are hott-t-t" (by the way, my # iz 555-MR.-ERNST-IZ-HOTT-T-T) ;-)

A-Dear I think, Well, well-umm...I guess there's not really much of an answer to give, except..thank you very much. I have a very regimented workout schedule, and it wortks pretty well. Also you may recall that I was on my high school baseball and wrestling teams. I keep up with these sports and that helps as well. Perhaps you recall when I wrestled and beat THE MASKED MARAUDER at the Bar None. Also our team did beat the Vlecks in the big baseball game! Thanks for the coment.

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