"Ode To Muntz"

from the ep "I Like The Lizards"

Muntz is spilling beer nuts on the floor Muntz got lucky in Andrea's dorm room Muntz got the party going with supersoaker margaritas Muntz is just a crazy guy Muntz is just a wacky guy Muntz is such a fun guy Muntz is just a crazy wacky guy Verse 2 Muntz is just a KEG man he's got the KEG attitude Muntz slipped Steve a Playboy when he was in Andrea's room Muntz dared Steve to run naked wearing shaving cream When the Chancellor found out he got really really mad But it was OK cuz Brandon de-magnitized the video tape chorus verse 3 Muntz was implicated in Steve's term paper scandal He handed it to Brandon it came out in the trial But Muntz didn't mean any harm the envelope was sealed chorus

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