#1....the most important news is that DYLAN IS BACK.

#2....There are a BUNCH of new releases. They are: *Nicole/The Mystery Girl split cassette ep *The Pill/Lucky Tiger split 7" *TANG Volume 3 *The Roommates "2 Hot-t-t 2 Handle" *Louisa Lucky "Sing A Song" *"Beaver Fever" the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

There is also a FUCK of a lot of new distro stuff.

Be sure to check out the newly updated catalog for full descriptions and info about all the new stuff!

#3....Nicole is home for Winter break. She has a new zine out. Its big, its good, its her last zine ever. Prolly.

#4....Lucky Tiger played a hot-t-t show at UMASS!!! We're starting to play some more shows again, so we'll keep you posted.

7/24/98 hey this is Louisa. Nicole is over there. Here's whats up. The Lucky tiger/Pill 7" is in the bag. Slated for a late August release. But this time we know it. Cuz its done and sent out, we just waitin for them in the mail. The lucky Tiger, long awaited, way long delayed lp, "Take It Away" is also finally in the bag. They should be coming in early fall. We, as always are totally sorry, but it has been a very painful process for the band, I assure you. THe Beat Happening tribute comp is full and will be out this summer. Rebel Scum is on hiatus as Space Hooch needed some...rest. haha. The status of "Fuck tha ep" is unknown, and maybe will be unknown for a long time. We do know for sure, that they will be appearing on the Beat Happening covers comp though. TANG volume three is well underway. You can still contribute to the zine if you get it to us ASAP. Rumor has it...THE BIGGEST news of all...is that the Roommates are back together. That's all we know--their first session back together was doing their AMAZING track for the Beaver Fever soundtrack-"the Fever". Beaver Fever shooting is done, and editing is taking place now. The full Beaver Fever package will be done and available for purchase by the end of the summer. When you buy the movie it comes with bonuses on the tape taht you will die for. Jolie has released an audio version of her zine Veronica Lodge. One side features her and Anna's spoken word which is not to be missed. The other side features me interviewing Nicole and her playing a song. We distro it now and you should check it out. You should write to Jolie anyway for her distro catalogue, even though EGo is ot putting out new releases of their own at this point. Jolie also said to inform you guys that someone has been circulating their address with Jolie's name attached to it, hgoping that people would send stuff meant for Jolie to her. She has also stolen mail and EGO materials from Jolie and is tryng to set up her own distro with them. We have never spoken to her and apparently she is now selling Pass the buck tapes that she stole from Jolie. Jolie's REAL address is 728 N. Union, Union City, IN 47390-1134 USA. In other news--Devon and Tara, the artistic girls here at PTB are making clothes to sell through PTB. Devon also is making some rad wallets and stationary for all of you. Nicole is working on her new zine. It'll be out this Summer. We're still accepting submissions for the acoustic punk comp, and as always for future volumnes of TANG. PLEASEapleaseplease submit to the TANG zine though if yr a nerd girl. write about anything! you don't have to be a damn teenager anymore as long as you were at some point. cool.

6/19/98 Hey it's Nicole. tonight was PTB Posse Night Out to see fight the Future AWW YEAH. Lived up tyo and surpassed all our expectations. So good. So so so so so good. Mulder + Scully now = hotties of the big screen so much. It was so Star Wars too, I could have died. Tommorw is all day Beaver Fever Shooting followed by Can't Hardly wait, whoo-hoo! Maybe we'll be able to catch another preview for the Pump up the volume/Stepford Wives '90s creepy flick disturbing Behavior...I know I can't wait. Also Halloween H20. Even if the audience tonight was more enthusiastic about the new picture from that dumb + dumber directer. Eww. 6/17/98 Hi we all here now. Louisa Nicole and Tara. Here's what's up. The Ego/PTB split is off due to the sad hiatus of Ego records. Its still an operational distro tho. The Punk Rock isn;t Just For Your Boyfriend comp. is stilon for this summer, but all other ego projects are canned. You can still write to Jolie for a catalog of old releases but nothing new for awhile. Jolie also does a bunch of zines you could check out. Her address is on our Other lAbels page. She also has an audio zine coming out soon with an intervire with Nicole and me(sorta) so check it. That's all for now. Beaver Fever and Beat Happening comp in July word.

6/3/98 This is Nicole. I just fucked up really bad and erased the whole update I had just written! Well, um, the main deal is in like a week Lucky Tiger will (cross yr fingers FOR REAL, we need it) be recording their somgs for the split 7" with the pill (by the way, The Pill trax are A+,this'll be like, 7" of the year...) and will be recording their lp a little while after that, so maybe it'll be out in July? Let's hope. Beaver Fever is going great, it features some special cameos and will be out this summer, along with a redhot-t-t soundtrack featuring exclusive trax by The Roommates, Cassie Z., Abracadaver, and Lucky Beaver. Ok. The Eigth and FINAl issue of my zine Silver Rocket is out now, Destination Moon (RIP?) and Jolie the diva of DIY words in the spoken format interviews, hot-t-t Chris PeeChee and The Donnas centerfold, controversial rambling about "The Simpsons", think 2x before calling the U.S. "America", uh...GOOD reviews, Nella Larsen appreciation...It costs $1 + 3 stamps or if you are a nice good person who does a thoughtful nice zine we can trade or somthing. Jolie Ego is doing an audio zine out sometime soon featuring this interview with me and songs live from my bedroom, yup. All I've been listening to is The Donnas, Red Monkey, The Fugees, and Elliott Smith. OK, that's all for now. No wait- The Beat Happning comp is almost done so if you wanna be on it and haven't told us that you gotta MOTER and get in contact with us cuz there's only a little tiny amount of space left. OK, C-ya.

5/9/98 Wow this is Nicole but Louisa's right here sgtv tthat was her . Hi its me now--oh-oh no!!!!! v THat is so not funny. It just doesn't make sense. Ok, NIcole + Louisa. Yup. This is Louisa telling you the Take It Away news.Take It Away is due out in June alongh with the Pill/Lucky Tiger mega split 7". It is SOOO great. YAYPLEASEYAY!! Nicole's home for the Summer and we are/will be chunking it hardcore. Oh my. So lots is tyo be expected this summer. The rebel scum ep will be completed in the next few weeks. If all goes well, actually if all goes exceptionally well(like some $$$ in the mail and stuff) then we will be hopefully putting out Nicoles's first 7"!!!! Plans include special drumming appearances by Tara and me(Louisa). The Roommates are still on Biatus but we will keep you posted on this develpoing situation. We haven't been in touch with Liz and jess in a little while, stuf's kinda messed, but be sure to check out their web site for info and the latest devolpments. Do you know Devon? You should. HEr for real acoustic debut will be on the PTB/EGo split ASAP. YOu gotta have this one baby. It'll have Nicole, Anna c., and Devon on the ptb-organized musical side. The other side will feature some fine spoken word from Jolie and others. The Beat Happening comp is nearing closure. but we are strill accepting submissions, so if you get rs in soon you'll prolly be onit. email or write us for a list of what's taken. cool. The acousticinnovation comp is in progress, but we still really need good stuff fromall of you out there. Check out the projects page to get the ideas behind it. PTB is putting out an official big, mega-zine over the Summer. Look for it, becasuse it will blow yr mind. REALLY. We are also working on two great comp zines:a StarWars one and a Jewish identity one. See the projects page for more info. My solo tape WILL come out this Summer. There's some secret Beaver Fever shooting goin down tonight at Club Suds. Be there or be square. I guess that means we're the only cool cats around these parts. DUH. puh-shah! Our mom's cooking up some mexican food tonight, and it will be So good. We are gonna do mail and watch late night 90210. But before that, we're gonna eat our food and have a parte with our mom and watch Boogie Nights. AWW YEAH!!! gogogogo. Nicole says summer vacation is very good, and she is glad she is done with her work! Like her money in capitalism papers which blew. They also ruled though. She used a real big font, ans .they were long enough.She wqatched the FRIENDS wedding while she did them EWWWWWW. She says "that's what happens when you don't have cable". We are all looking forward to the season finale of SEVENTH HEAVEN. And duh we are waiting for 90210 and the Kelly Brandon verdict. AWWYEAH!!! yaypleaseyay. yaypleaseyay! Lady Lazarus' new catalogue is out with beautiful PTB shirts! check it out, and we'll be selling them too soon. Check out Lady Lazarus anyway, cuz Melanie has tons of beautiful goods. Have a great Summer!!!! Obviuosly the Roommates Summer tour is off. However Hanson is going on tour this summer. This might fuck up some of the Lucky Tiger show plans, cuz I(louisa) told Tay I'd at least make it to most of the east coast shows. The PTB posse is going to NYC to camp out on the street for 3 days to get our tickets. Of course I could just get them from Tay, but that's no fair. He lost his tail and I am SOO relieved. Nicole says I should keep my personal life out of the update. This is out of line, oh my. Anyway, we have lots of new distro stuff so check out the catalog on-line and be expecting a new one this SUmmer too. word up. See ya round...

4/27/98 This is Nicole again, and here's what's up. Yes, the Roommates are officially "on hiatus". Other than that, no comment on such matters for now. The "take it away" recording sessions have proved to end up eith tragic or delayed. I am praying for an early summer release but I'm not even the one to ask. On a positive note, Emily, Louisa, and Tara did play their first show since last summer in March, the reproductive rights benefit in Philly + that was really good and fun and they played great and all that. Production is still under way on Beaver Fever, expect the soundtrack in late spring. It WILL kick ass. Well you can scroll down for other basic upcoming release news. The final issue of Silver Rocket zine is due out in late spring and will feature interviews with DIY faves Jolie and Destination Moon. Go Teen Go #2 is out now, with featues on teen sexuality, DIY fashion, and a big interview with Louisa and me. It costs $2 I think, from Mitten Girl, see other label listing for the address. There's also an interview with us in the new Rebel in Magenta which I pathetically do not have the address for right now. We have some great new stuff for distro, so check out the catalogue, 'kay? There are other projects coming up but you'll have to wait and see what happens, I'll definately do another update very soon. We're usually so good about updates, I dunno how over a month slipped by...Oh yeah, PTB T-shirts will probably be available in the near future through the awesom Lady Lazerus catalog. One I scrounge up the address I'll list it somewhere on this site. Organization, hello. I have less than 2 weeks left of school and should be working on final papers right now. I'll catch you later.

3/17/98 This is Nicole...umm, the Roommates are officially "On Hiatus".

2/24/98 Hey there, what's up. This is Louisa just letting you know that Lucky Tiger is playing at a girl show in Philly on Sunday March 22. Location to be specified. Recording of Take It Away turned into a tragedy. It was the age-old crisis of a wacky college guy trying to bond with us about wanting to be signed to a major label. Barf. He did not like us or our music, and we were totally unable to record how we wanted to. They wouldn't let us. SO we paid only $40 (only-grrrr) and got out. New plans are under construction. Sympathy cards are much appreciated.

2/15/98 Happy day after Valentines Day. This is Nicole just updating you all on what's up...Lucky Tiger goes into the studio tomorrow to begin recording their new lp, currently titled "Take it Away". It will be released on cassette + vinyl. I know that's right. Also everyone can order issue # 7 of my zine Silver Rocket that has been out for like a month + a half now + I forgot to mention in the last update. It has interviews w/ Destination Moon + Anna V-Reject + a bunch of other stuff that people say they liked. yup. $1 + 3 stamps/ $2/ yr good trade. Be on the lookout for those Beaver Fever previews. Look for a big interview w/ Louisa + I in the new Go Teen Go coming out in the next several weeks or something I think. That's all for the moment.

1/26/98 Hey it's Nicole, I'm back at school now. My new full length tape, 54321 is out now, + so is THE ROOMMATES "HEY DJ" cassingle, which is currently Kicking ass over at PTB HQ. While I was home on Winter Break I had the privilege of attending some LUCKY TIGER practices and they are sounding better than ever! The new stuff is so so good. It has been determined that slickster masterminds THE PILL will be doing a split 7" of DIY-done-right genius with the LT girls + I'm thinking must-have, hmm Work is well underway on BEAVER FEVER which will feature tunes by the extended PTB family, + that's all I'm sayin for now...I am very excited that we now have a MESSAGE BOARD on our lil website, so like you can post messages + stuff. Yeah. Louisa + Tay = A-OK. Nicole + Ike = umm... yeah well we'll see. Oh yeah, look for THE ROOMMATES on "Attack of the Teenage Noisemakers" which will be released any day now on KITTY CAT HEART ATTACK ( do not write to the much-circulated addy at this time tho, as yr letter, $$$, + whatever else you sent may very well be thrown away by Sarah's parents. Email her at msgion@juno.com for info.) There is an excellent comp out on MINDKILL called "My Mind's Killing Me" that features exclusive tunes by Lucky Tiger and The Roommates among other happenin' tunesmiths, I suggest you check it out ( Also take a look at THE PINK LEMONADE AFFAIR zine, done by Katy of Mindkill, which has a lovely LT centerfold + is like one of my favorite zines right now anyway cuz it kicks ass...) See the other labels page for info...over + out.

1/1/98 Happy New Year to everybody from Pass the Buck. If you'd like us to make an announcement about a project that yr working on, or to make a link to yr page please e-mail us and let us know. Beaver Fever production is underway and exciting, but I couldn't say more...I, Louisa, just got over my bronchitus and it really sucked a lot. I missed over a week of school(in true nerd girl fashion). I'm doing better now, for the most part. Nicole, home from college for the holidays, caught it from me instantaneously. Yup. She's better now tho too. Cool. I hope this year is good for everyone, and that it doesn't suck as much as 1997 did. For me anyway. And for you, too.