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PLEASE send me submissions!! I've really turned to my deep side after going over the deep end, so to speak! send me yr poems! send em to !PLEASE!!!!

okay, these are oldies but goodies!! I didn't want them to go to waste! send my yr poems right away and it will make Scott Scott's day! whoa. who's the man?

Poetry. by my friends and also me, go look and see

MEMORIES by S.S.: a touching piece of work about S.S.'s life long friend, David; moving on and sadness
4 Him By Denise: by my ex-girlfriend, also touching
Yes It Is Sad By S.S.: a sad poem, mourning those we've lost, with a twist of humor, just like ya like!
Now I be A Happy Sub By Fill-up: the triumph and glory- it's Fill-up's story!