And I Thought My Big Cowboy Hat from Oklahoma was cool!

hey dudes and dudettes!! Hi Sir Ernst!! thank you for the helpful feedback (whoa feed back, feed bag???)!! I changed the colors for yr view pleasure, but the poetry links seem to be fine, maybe yr pooter is just wack. But i was so excited that somebody as distinguised as yr self would grace the guest book! I encourage others to do it too!! oh, and speaking of poetry- I haven't seen none from all of you- I know that there is a poet in each and every one of you!! I'd like to see it released!!! remember the place to send em is: I would be So happy and you'd get yr own special page!! it'd be so so cool! you'll see!! updated by me, S.S. on 4 . 28 . 99

The Hot spots, says Scott Scott

the American West: whoa! this is dynamite! learn about what it is to be a REAL cowboy dude!
THE PIZZA RANCH!!!: all I can say is whoa. tubular!! this is a must see all those pizza FANatics!!
oh David!!!: it's so nice to see you again, buddy! even though you got cool, we could still be friends?
whoa- whatta babe!!!: I may be dead, but I still know hot-t-t when I see it!!!
Scott scott's HOTTT HOTTT! join the partay!!: MY GUESTBOOK! COME IN AND BE MY FRIEND!!!
it's the Poetry Room! : come on now guys! it's great! poetry! you know!
Pass the Buck!!: yes, it is the other glory, home to my all time fav band, the roommates, and also, my hottt girl-friend.... you know who you are (sorry Denise)!!

Thanx for mozyin thru buckaroos!!