Steve, Brandon, Dylan

chorus: Steve, Brandon, Dylan what choice could be more thrilling Steve, Brandon, Dylan what choice could be more chilling verse1: when you want some wacky hottness your thoughts may turn to Steve If you want a month long party Steve is what you need But sometimes you think you need something with a little more substance... But then it turns to substance abuse (put down that bottle Dylan!) Chorus verse 2: But with that dysfunction comes something deep He’s troubled, but his sensitivity’s something you want to keep But it’s hard to hold onto a boy like Dyl Maybe you want a hottie who’s more stable still (who could that be? Brando!) chorus verse 3: He provides hottness but stability Total idealism, but still the desire to party But the boyscout image has it’s limits too It might be too wholesome and predictable for you Maybe you need Steve, Maybe he’s the one There’s more to him than just having fun (it hurts when people make fun of The Hartley House! And he was adopted!) chorus bridge: let’s not forget David, Let’s just say He’s not a scrawny geek anymore, he’s come a long way From “you’re so precious to me” to “Keep it Together” chorus

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