here are our top 10 lists.

12/23/98-NICOLE AND LOUISA's top 10
10.)Spike's return to Buffy
9.)Emeril=People's most Intriguing 
8.)Star Wars Trivial Pursuit
7.)It's a Tofurkey Christmas
6.) Liz and Jess finally came over to do their cameo for Beav Fev. YES!
5.)Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
4.)the Refugee Allstars/Navy Seals school concept. (this is where Lauryn teaches English and Wyclef teaches Social Studies and so does Lauryn and Canibus teaches science and math and Pras just sings Ghetto Superstar all day. And Free is there too. and John Forte and some other people. It'd just make a really good school) Thank you.
3.)Louisa wins Buffy shirt from Teen People!!! SOOOOO hot-t-t-t!!!!
2.)NO FUCKING SCHOOL!!! (winter break)
1.)DYLAN BACK ON 90210!!!!! (hello duh)

Louisa's top 10 12/23/98
10. my class. I teach it.
9. my friends. Especially anthony and antoinette right now. yes
8. The Miseducation of LAuryn Hill. It is everyone' sfave but it is just So good.
7."Are you that Somebody"
6."Seven Rooms of Gloom"
5. "Lets Talk about Gay"
4. When at the cafe and there's the vegan pizza, when its not just tomatoes. Today it was spinach but it was fucked up. And I really almost barfed. And then i threw some spinach at emily and she got mad. I tried dto give the pizza to Anthony but he would not eat it.
3. stealin' proof. THat's all I can say.
2. I finally learned to love Melrose. It is very good that I did.
1) DYLAN!!!!!


9/23/98-Nicole's top 10
10.Crisis in the whitehouse.  fuck everyone who loves it + won't admit it.
9.Marilyn Manson's new look.  I'm even considering getting the new album!  For real!  We're all stars now, inthe dope show...
8.Quasi-featuring "birds" on vinyl=you get their last lp for free too!!!
7.Dylan coming back to 90210
6.#12 looks just like you, the Twilight zone episode, not the band.  Nothing against the band!  Duh!  They're all cool + stuff...
5.My 2 new cardigans
4.that I can sleep late tomorrow
3.The new Instant Hits tape
2.The Mystery Girl
1.The miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Ps-send me + Louisa Pepsi pop culture bottle caps!  + do it asap!  The contest ends in October!

7/24/98-PTB TOP 10
10.Tofutti rock*roll
9.dubba dubba WB ads w/ all the people from the shows together
8.Beaver Fever Outtakes
7.Louisa's new red n black n feathers hooch shirt
6.90210 reruns @ 5
5.Vegan Chicked Salad
4.Fight the future
2. Emeril w/ Gabrielle Carteris
1. XO

10.Sabrina the Teenage Witch
9.7th Heaven
8.Space Ghost
7.Ready Set Cook!
6. Debt
5.New York Undercover
4.Emeril Live
3,2,1 (3-WAY TIE for First place!) Buffy, 90210, X-Files!!!

10.) Buffy the Vampire Slayer mad summer reruns.
9.) Breaker High @ 2!
8.) 90210 reruns are back!
7.) X-Files movie premire on Friday! We so there!
6.)Gillian Anderson and her style.
5.)Beaver Fever nearing completion!
4.)Tara lives here now!
3.)Skkkool's over for everyone! the party's about to begin!
2.) Emeril LIVE (BAM!)
1.)Kickin' it up a notch all day every day.

6/17/98 PTB's TOP 10 BRAND NEW hotties
10.)Sarah Michelle Gellar
9.)Gillian Anderson
7.)Chris PeeChee, its just true
6.)Missy Elliott
5.)Tay Hanson (my man duh) now and 4-eva
4.)Carla from The Geraldine Fibbers
3.)Lauryn Hill
2.)Devon(up and coming celeb!)
1.)us duh.

3/17/98-thing of the day that I am not impressed by:
1.South Park

Nicole 3/9/98
10.That Spring break is in 3 days!
9. My new Helen Love record-Clear Green vinyl r/ red glitter in it? THE best.
8. my new haircut
7. That the Oscars are coming.  I LOVE award shows.  I will not comment on certain  nomination bizzarities this year.
6. The Peechees live.  It is just undeniable.  The Peechees taught me how to dance
5. Puberty Strike #3.  Instaclassic.
4. Havin' a Power Surge.  That really has no place on here actually...
3. Mindkill + all Pom Pom Squad affiliated releases/projects...constant quality, be amazed.
2. The X-Files last night.
1. Lucky Tiger.  It's just true.
Nicole's things I'm listening to most 3/9/98
10.Yummy Fur Plastic Cowboy 7" 
9.Sleater-Kinney-Dig Me Out.  All of a sudden I'm listening to it everyday again.
8.The Donnas-American Teenage Rock N Roll Machine
7.Helen Love-Radio Hits 2
6.This Lucky Tiger practice tape i pilfered
5.Ani DiFranco-little plastic castle
4.The Need
3.The Instant Hits
2.Lung Leg-Maid to Minx
1.The Pill-Video Date

Nicole's and Louisa's:
10.)Pansy Division bustin' into MMMBop in the middle of Groovy Underwear!
9.)Tofurkey sandwiches!
8.)Star Wars 3D picture making kit
7.)Hanson's "I Will Come To You" video
6.)Pink Lemonade Affair Soundtrack!
5.)Rebel Scum!
4.)Star Wars Quiz Wiz!
3.)The Roommates-2 Hot-t-t 2 Handle!
1.)CLUB SUDZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liz and Jess's:
10.)The Rascal!
9.)Normal Life with Luke Perry!
8.)Atari (he is 2 BUST!)
7.)The Pac Man record!
6.)Beaver Fever!
5.)Hamburgers!, the movie-not the food
4.)SCARECROWS! the movie, not the crow-scare awayer
3.)corn stalks attacking people in Children of the Corn 2
2.)Willy's home-cookin'!
1.)The shoe phone!

Rebel Scum's:
10.)the dance party at club sudz
9.)When Cotton-Eye Joe wouldn't stop playing at Club Sudz!
8.)The Gang of Ghost's Quarter!
7.)our space suits!
6.)our galactic weapons! (the protector of punk)
4.)the part in the begginning of Fuck Tha New York Press!
3.)The Princess's hair(our prized possession)
2.)our punkrockgraffiti @ Club Sudz
1.)THE SATAN DRYER @ Club Sudz!!!!!

Dylan, of course, is still #1....always man

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