Fun activities to pursue...hahaha...not like that

Pass the Buck's poll.
...yes it Does work and it Does change. Check out the stats for the week!
PTB chat
yes it works...yes you better plan when ya wanna chat tho cuz a lot of times people go + no one else is there so we recomend planning to meet someone...
90210 MAGIC 8-BALL!!!
No we didn't make this but it is deffinately THE highlight of our internet experience. Ask it a really works.
My Shrine to David Lascher
Pass the Buck's tribute to Ted McGriff
Pappy Celebrity Page
ummm...this is a very special page dedicated to Pappy. That's all that needs to be said.
90210 Trivia!!!
not by us. The name should entice you enough tho. There's lots of it too. Also while yr there you should check out the rest of this site-its got lots of other fun 90210 stuff too.
Another poll
90210 deaths. the poll. for season.
PTB links
these are our favorite on-line places. They're really good, and well thought-out so you should go there.
The 90210 Extravaganza!!!
Whether you missed it, or need a re-visit, here is the PTB 90210 extravaganza in full. Enjoy!
Scott Scott's Glory
it had to be in here cuz that's what it is! fun stuff!! I thought it was too good to be in with the other links- this is turbo dynamite!! check it ouT!! (still under construction) party on!!!