PTB Links

The Roommates' Official Website!
Awesome site with lyrics, fax 'n pix, fast breaking new, advice from Mr. E....much more
Delores' Restaurant records
super friendly tapes for you
My Room Records
beautiful site with so much pretty stuff to see. DIY kids of course.
Sylvain's Beat Happening page
pics, tabs, lyrics, more
Pink Tweed Records
Home of #12, bachelors in fur, more more more
Conspiracy a go go
dedicated to teen DIY projects, plus get the lown down on Kitty Cat Heart Attack cassettes
SOLIDARITY-Workers Parties around the world
Resource for info on workers parties, and communist/socialist stuff worldwide
Southern Poverty Law Center
Home of Klanwatch + Teaching Tolerance, they do excellent stuff
Stop Proposition 209
yeah really
Refuse and Resist
information aboutwhat's up with Mumia Abu Jamal and how to help.
FAIR-Fairness + Accuracy In Reporting
right on media watchdog group
Audre Lorde: Writing and Resistance
Bio, bibliography, links, + more
Emma Goldman
biography, links, + other info
bell hooks home page
Archive of articles by + about bell hooks on the web
Noam Chomsky Archive
huge achive of writings including some realaudio speeches + interviews, fantastic
The Official X-Files Web Site
I know that's right
Delusions of Granduer
Steve's kickass Star Wars site
My Shrine to Lynda Barry
Just beautiful
Hello Cuca Homepage
Fantastic girl punk kicking yr ass all the way from Spain
What's Hot in Censorship and Free Speach
Frequently upsated bulletin board-excellent resource for finding out what's up
Gracie's site with info on her rad distro, zine, Radical Educators and Creative Teaching, and the upcoming MORETHANMUSIC Fest. check it out!
Excellent zine distro with a ton of stuff you need, as well as stuff to read + do (fill out the zine survey while yr there) very attractive site
This site will kick yr ass. Lipkandy is an awesome band + they have an awesome site w/ pix of + info about them + what they're up to, as well as useful info on putting out music, + LOTS more
All Over Me
We here at Pass The Buck love this movie.
K records
newly revamped website of K records. Includes great stuff to read in addition to all the useful stuff you expect from a label page. So in-synch with our ideas about music. Go there.
music, art, comics, zines. Mean Mustard Records catalog=home to Toys for Elliott and Georgia.
Chainsaw records
You know it-all good site, home to Longstocking, Team Dresh , The Need, etc. Features a sometimes unruly + always lively message board.
The Infinite Adventures of Simone
Simone's fun and growing new page! Features Fingerpuppet catalog and info and the Super Secret Intergalactic Undercover Teenage Spy Mystery Dream Club.
Matt Outpunk's new deal. This is the future.
Candyass records
Yeah it rocks, check out the love advice column!
Kill Rock Stars
Attractive site for an attractive label, all the usual important info-tour dates, catalog, news, the whole 9 yards. Enjoy.
Go Teen Go
the site for Theresa's alternative to the racist heterosexist fatphobic den of classiam and girl-hatred that is mainstream teen mags. Slick. you can have yr fashion and politics too, duh.
Kill Kidd Order
KKO is a great many things...a zine, a potential anti-fat phobic clothing distro, a way of life...join the order. This site is gorgeous, by the way.
Stamp Vote!
Okay, here's the scoop: the post office is doing this series of "remember the decades" stamps, and people can vote on what stamps will be made of, so VOTE HERE!!!
V-reject online
I like V-reject zine + Anna, the girl who does it a whole bunch. This is her site. You can read stuff from the last couple issues as well as non-v-reject stuff she's written.
Powercandy zine
This is a good zine. It is now available online. go on, check it out if you'd like...
Super-8 Underground
I can't believe it-there's finally a Super-8 Underground website. This is one of my very favorite labels. It is run by Seth. The Lucky Tiger/The Pill 7" is a split release with them.
Scott Scott's Glory
yo! check it out!
Buffy rocks the Par-tay that Rocks the Body!!
a vey HOTTT site made by Katy and her friend Nika all about our friend buffy. it is sad b/c those of us who do not have microsoft explorer can't access it for some reas, it be very sad
Octopus Head Records
the hotttest new record label to hit the east coast in one million years!!! Run by PTB darling Eleanor W. and Erek of Influence of atmoshpere, a very hottt wacked out band!!! other hotttness too! yes!

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