*groove to the sound of youth gone wrong*

We started Pass The Buck last year mainly for the purpose of putting out Lucky Tiger tapes. Which was important for a number of reasons. First, because we thought it was something people should hear, and secondly, because how else would we get it out there, in a way that was satisfactory to the band. We can't just sit around waiting for KRS to come save our ass or something. So we decided to do it ourselves. the DIY concept is crucial to both of us and to what Pass the Buck is all about. DIY is about coming up with new and creative ways of doing things and figuring things out. It is not about gaing approval from those following, creating, and maintaining the status quo. It is not about doing things the way they are supposed to be done. We don't know what the fuck we're doing-we're making it up as we go along-yet at the same time, we know exactly what the fuck we're doing, we're making our plans, we know what's up and we're on a mission. Dissent among our friends and supporters is not only okay-but encouraged. It can create the kind of productive dialogue that we want and need. Also we are not telling you taht you haver to agree with us. DIY is about combatting The Man, and not buying into his scam.

Pass the Buck is pro-truth, pro-dialogue, pro-kid revolution, pro-thinking, pro-girl/boy alliance, pro-grrrl, pro-reject, pro-reality, pro-TANG, pro-fun, pro-picking up pots and pans and making some noise, pro-risking coming off as pretentious if it is necessary in order to say exactly what you mean, pro-sincerity, pro-being corny if yr being honest, pro-action strategy, pro-punk the way we mean it.

Pass the buck is anti-hegemony, anti-hierarchies of cool, anti-corporate, anti-domination, anti-sacrificing truth for clarity of lies, anti-sacrificing reality for comfort, anti-yr school(probably), anti-square.

This tape is an anarchic collage of sounds from people who range in age from their teen to their 30s, who have records out and who have never recorded before, taped in studios and taped in bedrooms, at all levels of musical proficiency. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Part of what we believe is that people should be heard. Pass the Buck is a CASSETTE LABEL. Tapes are the most egalitarian recording format that we have going. Something on a tape is no less legitimate, valid, or cool than something on the more espensive and inaccessible cd and vinyl formats.

We are able to do this because we set our minds to it. You probably could too. We don't wanna say definitely because of the financial and other limiting factors involved. We have the access to (and are redefining) the means of production-a dual cassette deck for dubbing, blank tapes, a Xerox shop, stuff to type on, etc. Most middle class or rich kids could do this, but we know that if you don't have time or money it's not as easy as it is for us (not that it's EASY, not that we like, have cash to throw around, but it is SIGNIFICANTLY EASIER than it could be). Well we could do it, we did, we hope you enjoy what we ended up with.

Thanks for listening, now go do something Love, Louisa and Nicole

This manifesto was written last year, and comes with a pin-up on the back with every copy of our compilation called "Place Yr Bet On Our Sound". We (Louisa and Nicole) have strong feelings and lots to say about all the stuff that we just barely touch on in our manifesto. We couldn't nearly go into all the depth that we theoretically would have wanted to about all of this stuff. If you are interested in critisizing, asking questions about, or just talking about the manifesto or anything in it, we totally encourage you to write or E-Mail us. Discourse is THE way to progress. thanks.

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