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Eleanor W. & Louisa Lucky and Eugene K. will be playing an acoustuc show called ACOUSTIC APOCOLYPSE! @ Smith College on Friday April 23. Be there or be square. Email for info.

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Hey hey hey! The news around here is that I am mad sick. Me Louisa. Everyone is sick and Ithaca has become one big hippie-infested ball of ailments. I feel like a little kid, well like me when i was a little kid cuz I'm wheezing like I was 8 years old. I got to leave the house yesterday for a walk with emily which was very exciting. We also ate some lunch which was of course equally exciting. I felt like she was my spefcial friend who got to tak me out for an excursion. I could not go very fast. It was veryvery sad. If you have IM my silly joke IM name is tigrrrl99 and you should Im me cuz I'm, all about it. Especially when I can't leave the house cuz of potential asthma attacks. good god. There is a hot new tape in the catalof called "Candy-Coated Teeth". It is an amazing all-acoustic split between Eleanor W. and Devon. Deffinately check it out. Also apologies to Anna are in order for the overdue fix on the link to her V-Reject website. It is now correct-I hope. So go to it. THank you. Please send me get well cards. yes yes.

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