Our Current Projects

This is the stuff we are doing that is in progress, and you can help us with.

*Beat Happening Tribute! We have been putting together a compilation of covers to pay tribute to Beat Happening, who have been extremely insipirational and influential to us. We are done accepting contributions, though we're still waiting on a couple people's writings for the accompanying zine. Expect it in the new catalogue which comes out early this Fall! yay! Due to popular demand, here is a list of who's on the comp and what songs they're doing. yay!!! Rebel Scum-"Bad Seeds", Anna Sin-"Redhead Walking", The Chase-"Black Candy", The Roommates-"Hot-t-t Chocolate Boy", Seaside Apartments-"Catwalk", Lucky Tiger "Bewitched"(a VERY new and different version than you have heard before), Emergency-"Nancy Sin", The Yachtsmen-"Lets Kiss", Corduroy Brown-"14", Eugene K.-"Cry For a Shadow", Georgia-"This Many Boyfriends Club", Savage Malignant-"Bad Seeds", Ann Landers-"I Spy", Katy W.-"In Between", Nicole-"Run Down Stairs", Sylvain Aube-"Me untamed", Love, Execution Style-"Sabrina(Bewitched)", Destination Moon-"Indiam Summer", Swingset Champion-"Jamboree", Nikki Atwell-"Cast A Shadow", Bertleby Is My Co-Pilot-"This Many Boyfriends Club".

*TANG! Tang is a continuing series of comps. featuring one-three songs by each artist. TANG stands for TeenAge Nerd Girl, and the only requirement for participation is that YOU or YR BAND identify with this label in some way. Solo, bands, and spoken word all are welcome. If you would like to participate you can do one of the following: 1)Each tape comes with a zine about aspects of TeenAge Nerd Girldom. If you got stories to share or stuff to say-we really need contributions. You do not need to be on the tape to submit to the zine, but you can do both if you want. 2)Send us a song or spoken word piece or 2 or 3 or whatever by you or yr band or whatever. Volumes 1-3 are available NOW.

*ACOUSTIC PUNK! We believe in our own little, personal deffinition of punk rock, and we cerrtainly think that acoustic music can be PUNK AS FUCK! . Out soon.

*D.I.Y. Music Videos! We are trying to put together a video, we don't know how long it'll be yet or anything, but if you do music or spoken word and would like to make a music video-send it our way. Obviously music videos are cool, and could be an awesome medium for expression/entertainment, but duh MTV and crappy local video shows(at least where we live) SUCK! Also if you wanna send part of a show or band practice or whatever it can be live stuff. That certainly counts. Whatever you want.

*STAR WARS ZINE! This is a zine i (I'm Nicole) have been trying to get together for awhile but duh zine comps take like forever. But I got a submission today + was like, I'm not even inspired to do this, it's so back burner, + Louisa was like "do you want me to go in on it with you? Cuz so what if only 2 people have sent you stuff, I wanna do it, it could be a PTB production" so I was like ok sure + now it is. Send us yr star wars stories, memories, top 10 lists, poetry, artwork, whatever...

*Jewish identity zine Another Nicole-turned-PTB project. What the hell does Judaism mean to you if you identify with it in any way? How does it play into yr life, and do you identify religiously or ethnically or both or what? Are you "half Jewish" like I am, cuz I REALLY want people to write about that. A couple people have + their stuff is awesome. Please help me with this, it is an important project I think. I want stuff on this subject that I can relate to - originally I just was gonna have girls but then I realized that it really didn't need to be + the project was moving in a direction where that wouldn't be all that huseful to my point, so boys are welcome too. But if it ends up boy-dominated, I'm outta here, cuz I need to here what girls have to say. ok that's all for now.

So that's the stuff we're doing now. We really appreciate yr support, and feel free to write us or E-Mail us for more info. about anything. I will reiterate-DIY is about soul and not being limited by lack of resources! You don't need a Goddamn 4-track, and you CERTAINLY don't need a goddamn recording studio to rock the house down! It will never be less valid to pour yr heart out on yr Dad's old work-out tape deck from 1976 than to record some shit rock on some band boy's $500 four-track! Keep Groovin'!

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